Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Kevin Rea completed a commercial remodel for me in 2012. Before he was hired for the project I researched his reputation. We had a tight schedule for completion and we were changing registered occupancy with the City of Bend.

Kevin’s professional reputation as a “High End” builder was impeccable. During the remodel we encountered numerous challenges with the City of Bend attempting to comply with new building codes and coordinating inspection schedules. Kevin’s relationship with his subcontractors and the City of Bend was a beautiful concert of coordination. His working demeanor with everyone working on this project made an otherwise stressful process a pleasant experience.

I recommend that you give Kevin Rea serious consideration for building your next project, large or small. You simply will not find a better building contractor.
Date of Posting: 25 January 2013
Posted By: Dr. John Scarborough
John L. Scarborough, D.C., Bend Oregon
Kevin is a master builder -- of relationships, ideas, teams and spaces. I have known Kevin for a decade and have enjoyed his vision, energy, talents and company every time we've connected. His ability to see the big picture but also get into the weeds to get something done and roll up his sleeves when necessary is rare. I would highly recommend Kevin for any challenge in front of him, short of having him give up his allegiance to the University of Oregon.
Date of Posting: 25 June 2012
Posted By: Scott Bedbury
Management Consulting Visionary, Seattle
I worked with Kevin on a 5000 SF Contemporary/Industrial Farmhouse located in Bend, Oregon. As the Interior Designer on the project it was crucial that Kevin and I have a tight working relationship and a shared vision in order to complete the project to the Client’s satisfaction. Kevin was absolutely perfect! His thorough knowledge of building and construction were key throughout the project. His ability to work through new and groundbreaking ideas was uncanny. He has a very artistic and creative side which allows him to search out new solutions to ideas and balances extremely well with his technical and mechanical experience and talent. His artistic eye also keeps him current with the latest in great design; always interested in ways to enhance and customize one’s living environment from sustainability practices to beautiful new products. The Bend project and construction offered many difficult problems and Kevin was always available with new solutions; unwavering, in his desire to please the client. His many years of experience and large industry network allowed him also to search out solutions to things which we could not answer. He has a wealth of wonderful local craftspeople that made amazing things for us from railings to cabinetry. He also works tirelessly to complete the projects he works on in a timely manner and within the appropriate budget.

Kevin also is an amazing spirit to work with. Never once did I see him lose his temper or say no to a request. He made the experience and journey for all involved a memorable wonderful experience. Kevin treats his team and all who work with him with the utmost respect. He has great integrity and holds himself responsible and accountable for everything he signs up for.

I highly recommend Kevin as a partner on any construction/building project!
Date of Posting: 16 October 2011
Posted By: Barbara Sumner
Interior Designer
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